• China Custom Natural Shell Button For Garment

    China Custom Natural Shell Button For Garment

    Natural shell button, the use of natural shells as raw materials, environmental protection, durable, beautiful and unique, showing fashion and creativity, to create a versatile style, unique luster texture, each has a unique natural texture. There are these sizes: 14L, 16L, 18L, 20L, 24L, 26L, 28L, 32L, 34L, 36L, 40L, 48L, 52L, 54L,60L, etc. There are 2 holes and 4 holes. And there are these features: eco-friendly, dry-clean, washable, nickel free. It’s widely used for various clothes, like overcoat, wind coat, shirt. And for knitting, toys, bags and so on.

    The production methods of shell buttons include shell selection, blank picking, cleaning and impurity removal, thickness sorting, smoothing, button blank sorting, drilling, car surface modeling, rough grinding, water polishing, drying, dry polishing, and packaging.