The Buffalo button and the plastic buffalo button

The second part of the story is about the basic materials for buttons. This time, we’ll introduce the “Buffalo button and its plastic button.” Buffalo button is a natural material button, is commonly used in the natural material button in the most luxurious one. Commonly used for jackets, coats, and pants buttons.


What’s the materials for button? There are many materials. So this time we will talk about the most commonly used materials. First, there are two kinds of button materials: natural material and plastic(resin) materials that imitate natural materials. Natural materials are more expensive. In addition, prices vary from raw material, it depends on the quantity of raw material too. But the price of plastic products is reasonable and the price difference from material to material is small. Now let’s take a closer look at the buffalo button. About this buffalo button, is made from buffalo horn. This corner, called a tablet computer, is shaped like the top of a black and white chess board and then scratched into the shape of a button. Most of the raw materials come from China, Southeast Asia, India and other places. Buttons made from real buffalo horns are called real buffalo buttons to separate them from the plastic. As I mentioned earlier, this buffalo button is the most commonly used material. The buffalo button is often used in luxury suits and coats.


There are two main types of buffalo buttons, the “Dada” and the ”Bandosh”. One is called ”Tatsu type” and the other is called “Board thing”. The Dada model is made by cutting the plugged part of the corner into circular pieces with a marble-like Swirl pattern(black with many white stripes). Most of the buffalo button commonly used by this species are of this Tatsu type. Another ”Board thing” is made from a corner with a cavity, which is opened like a board, and then rounded to make raw materials. This is not a swirl pattern, but it is characterized by stripes that look like they have been painted with a brush. Unit price varies by color. The price of plastic buttons does not vary by color, but the price of buffalo buttons is different because the raw materials vary by color. The only button with the same product number and price depending on the color is buffalo button. The deeper the color the more reasonable, beige the more transparent the more expensive. The unit price may vary greatly.

By the way, the white buffalo buttons are made of buffalo bones. Commonly used in summer jackets. Another buffalo button, that’s what I want to introduce.

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Yes, it’s a Duffel coat button. The duffel coat came from a Scandinavian fisherman’s winter suit, with large buttons that could be removed even with gloves, and a string for the person who tied it. Plastic button like buffalo. Real buffalo buttons are expensive. Thus, the Faux buffalo button is a plastic buffalo button. This plastic has two raw materials. One is urea resin, the other is polyester resin. Raw materials and manufacturing methods differ, but the amateur can not tell which is which. Urea resins have a higher pattern reproducibility and are said to be able to make things that are closer to the real thing. Urea resins, on the other hand, can not be dyed back and are manufactured with small amounts of Formalin, so they can not be used in infants under 2 years of age. Both types of resin are possible. By the way, the next three buttons are Buffalo, urea and polyester, but you don’t know which one, do you? The answer starts on the left, with buttons made from Buffalo, urea and polyester resin. The button makers’ technology is amazing. Even though it’s plastic, it’s very delicate. The pictures below are all plastic buttons.

Post time: Dec-23-2021