Common sense of garment accessories

Screen printing: The effect of screen printing and printing material has a great relationship. The effect of silk-screen printing mainly depends on the following aspects:The silk-screen printing can’t have gum off, you can use gummed paper stick to try; lustrous surface, free of micro pores, no rough feeling, and there is certain thickness of printing, can’t see bottom color of the material, and not easily sticky dust; silk-screen printing edge smooth, no dog teeth impression; no fade; pay more attention not to crack when printing on the elastic material; It’s obvious when you pull out the material. The color matching should be accurate, don’t shift.

Voltage impression: The general use of voltage materials is PVC, smooth soft leather class, pressure gas to be full, not out of gas, elastic, smooth around and will not burst. The lines are clear.


1)by material: nylon/tetoron/pp/acrylic/cotton. Generally nylon ribbon is woven before dyeing, so the color of cut yarn will be white due to uneven dyeing, and pp ribbon is dyed before weaving, there will be no yarn into white phenomenon; by contrast nylon ribbon is luster and more soft than pp ribbon; through burning chemical reaction can also be distinguished; Generally nylon ribbon price is higher than pp ribbon.

The Tetoron webbing is soft and matte, and the acrylic webbing is made of Tedoron and cotton, the price of cotton webbing is generally higher.

2)according to the weaving method: plain/small ripple/twill/safety webbing/pit/bead/jacquard. PP webbing can be divided into 900D/1200D/1600D according to the thickness of the yarn; at the same time, we should pay attention to the thickness of the webbing and determine its unit price and tenacity.

3)as the specification: 10MM/12MM/15MM/20MM/25MM/30MM/32MM/38MM/50MM and so on.

2.wrap side band:

1) the material: nylon/tetoron/pp/laika, etc. nylon wrap side band used more, generally used for inner edge, thickened nylon wrap side bank used for external edge, not easy to wrinkle, tetoron wrap side band is softer, and price higher than nylon , more used for flexible fabric edge of pp flat weave used for large bags, such as wave plate bag, laika wrap side band with high price, soft and shiny, more used in boutique bags, such as golf club cove. 2)the grain: common tabby/herringbone, etc. herringbone wrap side band uses nylon and pp more, nylon herringbone band is more expensive, and the shrinkage is bigger, when calculating material, need to pay attention to its relaxation. pp herringbone band is now more on the market, for outsourcing side more beautiful, but the grain has encryption or not. Note: It is important to pay attention to the grain and cutting method(straight cub/bias cut/cross cut) when making the edge cover of the main material of avoid wrinkling.

3.Zipper and slider:


(1)by material: nylon zipper/plastic zipper/metal zipper, etc.

(2)by size: 10#/8#/7#/5#/4#/3#, etc.

(3)by function: zipper long chain/finished zipper/waterproof zipper/reversed zipper, etc. Finished zipper, including open end and close end. Open end zipper, including left insert and right insert. And there are different lengths. Waterproof zipper, it’s reversed zipper. There are pvc, tpu,pu.


(1) by material: zinc alloy, brass, plastic, etc.

(2)by puller: standard puller, special puller, etc.

(3)the common slider is zinc alloy slider, by different plating methods, including nickel, black nickel, antique brass, antique silver, shiny gold, etc. It’s refer to the manufacturer’s colors, and pay attention to the color difference of each batch of goods by plating.

Note: zipper and slider, it’s better to use in the same factory. Sometimes, different factory with different sizes.


1)common elastic is strong elastic. Folded elastic for wrap side band is more beautiful, mainly Japanese customers use more.

2)elastic including medical elastic/knitting elastic, etc.


1)generally divided into 20/30/40, a wide variety of polyester/nylon/cotton/mark yarn, etc.

2)special thread have had wax thread/waterproof thread, and general nylon thread will be oiled, sewing some fabrics(plus EMB fabric) need to be used without oil thread, so as to avoid oil seepage, resulting in fabric dirty; sewing thinner fabrics with 40 thread, not easy to wrinkle.

6.Hook and Loop(Velcro tape):

It comes with a and b sides(hook side and loop side). the manufacturer’s specifications are 16MM/20MM/25MM/30MM/38MM/50MM/100MM. Depending on the function, it can be specially processed, such as sulfur-resistant/phenol-resistant yellow/fireproof belt/on CT glue/no fuzz/soft hook/high-cycle adhesive buckle belt/self-adhesive adhesive buckle belt, etc.

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