Clothing accessories knowledge and accessories management

Clothing accessories is adornment clothing and expand the function of clothing materials in addition to the fabric. The adornment, processing, comfort, shape preservation of accessories directly affect the performance and sales of clothing, so clothing accessories is the basis of clothing.


According to the function of clothing accessories in clothing, it can be divided into lining materials, fillers, thread webbing materials, fastening materials, decorative materials and other materials.

01, Lining is the material of the innermost layer of a garment, usually called lining, which is used to cover part or all of the garment fabric or lining material. Lining material plays an important role in clothing, the quality of lining material directly affects the appearance effect and inner quality of clothing.

1. Enhances the clothing grade and has the good shape preservation.
2. To the clothing fabric has the protection, the clean function, enhances the clothing wear ability.

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The basic function:

1 enhances the clothing grade and has the good shape preservation.

2 to the clothing fabric has the protection, the clean function, enhances the clothing wear ability.

3. Increase clothing’s warmth retention.

4. Make clothes smooth and easy to slip on and off. Common Lining Material: Natural Fiber Fabric (cotton cloth, silk) chemical short fiber or long silk fabric (nylon silk, polyester Taffeta) blended and interwoven fabric (artificial fur, feather Taffeta, etc.)

02,  Clothing lining material is used for certain parts of clothing, set off, perfect clothing molding or auxiliary clothing processing materials, such as collar lining, chest lining, waist lining and so on. There are many kinds of clothing linings, which can be divided into several categories according to the position used, the material used for lining, the type of backing cloth and the combination of lining and fabric. The main varieties are cotton interlining, linen, Hair bristles lining, horse tail lining, Resin lining, fusible lining and so on.

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The basic function

1. makes the whole clothing neat, the folding edge is clear and straight, achieves the ideal design modelling request.

2. keep the garment in good shape and stable size.

3. Improve and improve the processing performance, wrinkle resistance and strength of garment fabric.

4. Improve the warmth retention of clothing and make clothing strong and durable.

03, The filling material between the garment fabric and lining material is the garment filling material. Endow clothing with warmth retention, shape retention and functionality.


According to the form of filling, can be divided into two categories: the category of flocs and materials: No fixed shape, loose filling materials, clothing must be attached to the lining (some also need to add liner) , and after machine or hand quilting. The main varieties are cotton, silk, camel’s hair and down for warmth and insulation.

MATERIALS: synthetic fiber or other synthetic materials processed into a flat form of thermal insulation fillers, varieties of polyvinyl chloride fibre, polyester, acrylic shaped cotton, hollow cotton and smooth plastic, etc. . The utility model has the advantages of uniform thickness, easy processing, upright modeling, anti-mildew, no moth-eaten and easy washing. The basic function the traditional packing for clothing is mainly to keep warm and keep warm; the newly invented wadding packing has more and broader functions.

For example: The use of special functions of the wadding to achieve health care, heat radiation and other functional clothing.

04, The clothing cushion material is located in the clothing inner layer, endows with the clothing plump and the curve beautiful appearance.

Classification: According to the materials used: Cotton and cotton pad, foam plastic pad, wool and chemical fiber under the needle pad.

According to the use of parts: shoulder pad, chest pad, collar pad and so on.

Basic function:

In the specific part of the garment, the article made to support or pave the lining, so that the specific part can be designed to increase height, thickening, leveling, finishing, etc. , in order to make clothing to achieve the effect of fitting tall and straight, beautiful, reinforcement and so on.

05, Thread materials

Thread materials refer to the materials which connect clothing pieces and are used for decoration, knitting and special purposes. It is the smaller of the clothing accessories. But it is an indispensable necessity in people’s life. Thread products can be divided into two categories: sewing thread and decorative thread. Sewing thread according to fiber materials are: cotton thread, polyester cotton thread, polyester thread, cored thread, nylon thread, vinylon thread, polypropylene thread. The variety that craft adornment line has: embroider line, braiding line, gold and silver line. These linear materials have many varieties, showing different colors and characteristics. When it is used as clothing material, it should be selected according to the matching requirements of fabric and other auxiliary materials. The basic function mainly plays the suture, the decoration function and meets the special needs.

06, Fastening material

Fastening material is a material which has the function of closing and fastening in clothing. It includes buttons, zippers, hooks, rings and velcro.

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The basic role of fastening materials in addition to its own closed, fastening role, its decorative is also not negligible.

07, Decorative material

Decorative material mainly refers to the material with strong decorative effect such as lace, beading and so on attached to the clothing fabric.


The basic function strengthens the clothing modelling and the decoration function.

08, Trademark and logo

Clothing logo as a brand, corporate intangible asset is a way of expression, is to let consumers to identify the brand to do the symbolic mark or pattern.


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