Basic knowledge of luggage accessories

Now each of us will use luggage, luggage contains a lot of categories, there are common backpack, single shoulder bag, computer bag, briefcase, lady handbag and so on, we will use it? Today, we will introduce some basic knowledge about the raw materials of bags and cases. Let’s have a look!

1. Fabric and lining, fabric refers to the exposed material, mainly used for bag external and internal materials. The main types of fabrics are natural leather, artificial leather, nylon cloth, polyester cloth, cotton cloth, synthetic cloth, etc. . The lining mainly refers to the materials used for the internal structure. Some bags and cases will make the lining with fabrics. The common lining materials are nylon, polyester, cotton, etc. surface can print all kinds of patterns, patterns. Often the fabric and lining colors will be similar or will match according to different product characteristics.

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Natural Leather

2. Interlayer material, which are invisible to our users, are all wrapped in the middle part of the bag. The main materials include foam, Pearl Cotton, non-woven cloth, bran paper, plastic, PP & PE Board, etc. . For example, PP & PE Board is mainly used for some bags products that need to be stiff, so that the shape or a part more upright; foam and Pearl cotton are mainly used for shoulder straps, handles and other parts, Brown paper used to increase the strength.

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3. Mesh, Mesh cloth is mainly used in backpack system, shoulder strap, side bag, and some internal small parts, according to different needs, choose elastic, different thickness of mesh.

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Mesh cloth

4. Webbing, webbing almost every bag will have, including shoulder straps, joints, handles and other parts, a wide variety of performance forms have plain, fine lines, pit lines and so on, according to different materials can be divided into nylon, imitation nylon, polyester, cotton, acrylic, and so on, each webbing of different specifications has its standard weight. Outside to see whether the two edges are smooth, the surface is uniform, no fuzzing, no drawnwork, no cross color, and so on.

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5. Zippers, zippers are mainly metal, nylon and resin zippers, zippers and zipper head quality mainly to grade to distinguish: such as A, B, C grade, the more forward grade quality better. Size by size to distinguish: such as No. 3, No. 5, No. 8, No. 10 and other sizes, the number of the larger the size is also larger. And each kind of zipper has the standard weight, the weight also is the quality key. From the outside, the main points to note are: When you pull the zipper, it should be smooth, there will be no feeling of pulling out. When you pull the zipper, the sound will not be very loud. When you pull the zipper by hand, the zipper teeth will not be easy to open, slider and puller joint is firm, not easy to open, deformation and other phenomena, there are color zipper at the same time to pay attention to whether there is a color fastness level. In order to avoid easy and fabric cross-dyeing phenomenon. A detailed analysis will be followed by a separate analysis.

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6. Buckle, buckle according to the material can be divided into plastic buckle and metal buckle, the main form of adjustable buckle, buckle, connection buckle, square buckle, lock rope buckle, and so on.

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