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What is a zipper?

A fastener consisting of two tapes each with a row of metal or plastic teeth, used to connect the edges of an opening (such as a garment or pocket) , and a slide that pulls the two rows into an interlocking position to seal the opening and sew it into the garment, pocket, purse, etc.

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The origin of zippers

The appearance of zippers was a century ago. At that time, in some parts of Central Europe, people tried to replace buttons and bows by belt, hook and loop, so began to develop the zipper experiment. Zippers were first used in military uniforms. For the first time in World War I, the U. S. military ordered large quantities of zippers for soldiers’clothing. But zippers were later popularized among the people and were not accepted by women until 1930 as an alternative to the buttons of clothing.

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Zipper classification: According to the material can be divided into 1. Nylon Zipper 2. Resin Zipper 3. Metal Zipper

Nylon zipper is a kind of zipper, which is made of nylon monofilament by heating and pressing mould to wind the center line.


compared with metal zipper, resin zipper, low cost, large output, high penetration rate. Today we introduce two types of nylon zippers — INVISIBLE ZIPPERS AND WATERPROOF ZIPPERS!

1. The Invisible zipper of Nylon Zipper is called Invisible zipper in English, which is made up of chain teeth, pull head, limit stop (top stop and bottom stop). The chain tooth is the key part, which directly determines the side tensile strength of the zipper. Generally invisible zipper has two pieces of chain belt, each piece of chain belt has a row of chain teeth, two rows of chain teeth interlaced with each other. Invisible zipper is mainly used in dress, skirt, pants, and so on.


2. Nylon zipper waterproof zipper

Waterproof zipper is a branch of nylon zipper, is after some special treatment of nylon zipper.


Waterproof Zipper is mainly used in the rain when it can play a waterproof function. The waterproof Zipper is widely used and is suitable for: cold-proof clothing, ski clothing, down jacket, marine clothing, diving suit, tent, vehicle cover, raincoat, motorcycle raincoat, waterproof shoes, fire-fighting clothing, case and bag, hardshell, fishing clothing and other waterproof-related products.


Post time: Dec-23-2021