China Custom 4 Holes Sewing Resin Button For Clothing

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Resin button, using light and durable resin material, can produce all kinds of smooth patterns, styles, feel comfortable. Fashionable button design, simple and generous, shiny surface, low-key and versatile. Delicate pattern, seemingly inconspicuous, but can immediately enhance the texture of the clothes. The sizes including: 24L, 28L, 32L, 36L, 40L, 44L, 48L or customized. Many colors for support, can be made as the client required too. There are these features: eco-friendly, nickel free, dry cleaning, washable. It’s widely used for various clothes, like wind coat, business suit, shirt, overcoat and bags, home textiles and so on.

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Product Type Resin Button
Material Resin
Size 24L, 28L, 32L, 36L, 40L, 44L, 48,etc.
Pattern Concave
Style 4-Holes Button
Technics Polish
Shape Round
Logo Accept the customer’s logo.
Usage Garment Accessories
Place of Origin ZheJiang, China
Color Customized Colors
Moq 1000pcs
Sample Normally Free
Packing 500pcs/bag Or Others
Sample Time 3-5 Days

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 500pcs/bag, carton

Port: Ningbo / Shanghai

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China Custom 4 Holes Sewing Resin Button For Clothing (3)
China Custom 4 Holes Sewing Resin Button For Clothing (2)

The overall production process of resin buttons (unsaturated polyester) can be divided into two categories: plates (sheet buttons) and bars (sticky buttons).

① Raw materials

Unsaturated polyester is a raw material extracted from petroleum, transparent and viscous liquid.

The resin with accelerator and curing agent can be added with different color pastes, or other raw materials, such as wax, salt, wood chips, straw, etc., different amounts of raw materials, in different concentrations, different temperatures, different speeds and special With the combination of accessories, it will produce ever-changing patterns, and it is also an important material that can be made into imitation pearl oysters, horns, fruits, wood grain, stone, marble and other imitation natural recycled buttons.

②Select the blank according to the requirements

1: Plate: Pour the completely mixed resin into a rotating centrifuge bucket, commonly known as an unwinding bucket or a large diameter. It can be poured on multiple layers as needed. After about 30 minutes, the resin in the bucket will be soft due to chemical reaction, and it can be cut. Form into a plate shape, and then put it on the punching machine to punch out the button. A sheet of about 14L button blank 126 gongs punched out.

2: Bar: Pour the completely mixed glue into the waxed aluminum tube through a special oscillating device. When the glue becomes a soft gel, pull out the glue stick in the aluminum tube and slice it immediately. The slicing knife can cut 1,300 per minute. A button blank of 18L. Each stick can be cut into 24L button embryos, about 2 gongs.

③ Hardening of the hair embryo

All plate embryos or bars are soft and must be placed in 80 degrees hot water for 10 hours to speed up the chemical reaction. After the complete reaction, the embryos will be hard embryos.

④Automatic car processing The automatic car button machine can pass the car surface, the bottom of the car and perforate in one time, even if the lettering and engraving can be completed in one time. Ordinary four-hole buttons with edges and undercarriage, 100 grains per minute can be engraved, and the plate is the same as the bar.

⑤Polishing (polishing)

Since the car surface and the bottom of the car leave knife marks, it needs to be put into a water mill for smoothing. The slowly rotating water mill bucket mainly contains water and matte powder. This process takes ten hours. The buttons after the water-grinding show a matte fog effect. For the bright effect, it must be brightened. The brightening barrel mainly contains bamboo cores and wax. This process takes 20 hours; or the water polisher is filled with small stones and stone powder, a process To achieve the above effect, this process takes fifteen hours.


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